World Blue

My whole world is blue.

Ever since I lost you

I don’t know what to do.

You left my World Blue.


You never said why.

Never said goodbye.

Just left my heart

here to die.


What did I do?

Did you find someone new?

No no no I won’t cry

I’ll hold this blue world inside.


You never said why.

Never said goodbye.

Just left my heart

Here to die.


But I will never cry

No, you can’t make me cry

What’s this

In my eye?


Bald Eagle

My baby, she’s one spread eagle.

Makes me wonder if it’s all for me.

She blames that science,

says it’s fate boy.

I don’t believe in destiny.

No no there’s no destiny.


She flies high,

she’s one Bald Eagle.

Flying high

on her bald faced lies.

OOOH she flies too high.


Her right, her left

wings are uneven.

She’s going to fall

from a stormy sky.

ooh oh she flies too high.


Could have been a turkey

when she had her chance.

Wear bright colors and dance.

Wear bright colors and dance.

The Station

Take me to The Station,

I’ve got to greet that early train.

If I’m not on that platform,

she’ll turn that train around again.


I’m in a new suit,

borrowed from my best friend.

Get me on that platform,

I’ll never look this good again.


It’s not all my fault.

That woman plays these tricks on me.

She drags me to that station,

arriving on the 4:20.


You got to treat your man right

Don’t treat me like I’m your son;

I don’t arrive at your station

on the one fifty one.


Take me to The Station

I’ve got to greet that early train.


A Pocket Full Of Silver,

a hand full of gold.

She’s not the kind

I can buy.


If I come on

with the same same old.

She’ll probably just

walk on by.


I have to speak

to my inner man.

I have to make

me understand.


They get so tired of the

same same old.

I’ve got to change

my game plan.


A hand full of flowers,

a ticket to a show.

Worth more than silver or gold.

I know, I know,


It’s still the same same old.

But I have to try.

Excuse me while I talk

to my inner man.


He said:


Change your game plan.

A big bright smile,

a twinkle in the eye.

Worth more than flowers or gold.


An open door, a walk outside.

A hug against the cold.

Tea for two, a matinée,

Zela at the Root Cafe.


I know I know.

But it’s better than.

A Pocket Full of Silver,

a hand full of gold.