My Stuff

At this time, I am just getting poems, songs and short stuff documented.  I intend to put up the music soon.  Some might be raw, like open mike stuff.  That means not processed much.

I play guitar, keys a little, drums are fun and my natural instrument.  The only thing I had standard lessons on.  High school marching band and concerts. Played the tubas too!  That was a while back.

My family says I can sing.  We’ll see.  LOL   I’m knocking on the geriatric clubhouse door.  Well, at least the trolleys heading that way.  I worked long hours in the machine trade.  So I didn’t have much time to pursue music.  But I played at home and wrote songs with many good friends I met along the way.  Now, that song is played out.  Forever never retired.

The seeds were sown, the kids are grown, lookout world, the roosters crowin’.

I hope you enjoy the peace of cornered shadows subdued through a diffused web of photonic  dancings daringly delighting deep recesses of radiance ruminating  innermost seas ebbing deeply entrenched wisdom weaving upward spiraling currents running fierce urgings imbuing embryonic connections correlating multiversal phases of the universe.  I hope you can breath now.

May your journeys ever be a poetry song dance…


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