It really was a very pleasent strole.

I Came Alive

Who am I?

I was wondering.

So I Came Alive!


There is you.

Now I have

another drive.


Where am I?

I was wondering,

so I moved on.


Where are you?

Did you follow me,

did your heart lead you?


Who are we?

Are we one where once

there were two?


Look at me.

Am I

the mirror of you?


Oh, but it’s true.

I can not love

without you.


Do you need me?

I was wondering.

So I Came Alive.



  1. The brevity of the verses speak to me. Like life and love, everything tends to be fleeting, short. And yet, with few words carefully chosen, one can say so much. Padding life, love and poetry with too many words tend to conceal the core of it all: we need each other. Thank you – I enjoyed reading…


    • Thank you, that’s exactly what I aim for. I would rather the reader see what they will. I am told my music and song bring visions. I have been asked if I am a shaman after a concert. I take that as a high compliment.


  2. Prose writers are frequently too talkative. You however show admirable discipline needed in poetry: using only the most essential motifs. And you work with the simple form to achive still new results.


    • Thank You Dr. Dabrowka; I’m astonished you would take note of me.
      Your photographic eye is impressive. It worked so well with Inflection.
      May Poland embrace the heart that loves Her so.
      Regards: Jerold Toomey


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