Through The Gate

Everywhere is heaven

when your magic eyes shine through.

Everywhere you go,

the angles follow you.


Walk with me my lady,

through these ancient lands.

A candle and a rose.

We’ll walk hand in hand.


Your footsteps bring up shamrocks,

Your heart shines Goddess love through.

Everybody gazes

in your magic eyes so true.


Gaze into me my lady,

our spirits know the way.

I hear them calling,

wont you let them out to play?


heather grows around you,

your garden and your gate.

When your lovely kitchen calls,

no one shows up late.


I’m never late


To raise the cup of friendship.

Lay the bread out on the plate.

Sip the wine forever,

as we pass through the heather gate.


Through The Gate.


Where four leaved clovers grow,

wherever you look down.

To remind you of your smile,

and forget you of your frown.


Don’t ever frown Through The Gate.

Through the gate.


Where blessings fall like raindrops

on your family and friends.

Heaven rolls with thunder

from the flashing light you send.


I know you send, through the gate.

Through The Gate.


Speak to me my lady,

of your many days.

I need your wisdom,

to find the ancient way.


Through The Gate

Through The Gate


Where we will dream cloud crystal castles

floating o’er a misty aisle.

A heather gated garden,

and your true eyed magic smile.


Smile on me, I will smile on you.

Together we will find

the one path that leads us through.

Through The Gate.


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